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    We have developed high performing Non FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) Cell growth media & Farm free cell based cultivated meat. Clear Meat has different product baskets and its various ranges for the different target audiences. All our crafted products are Safe, Sustainable & Environmentally friendly.
    Cell Based Cultivated Meat- Eco Meat™

    Cell Based Cultivated Meat- Eco Meat™

    Our products thrive and shine on the quality that farm-fed animals can never meet. It is more than safe for consumption, contains all the nutritional richness of Meat, and has some additional health benefits you never had from conventional Meat before.
    keema meat

    Eco Meat ™ Keema

    Cultivated Meat in a Minced form (Keema): Star Chefs across the globe love Keema. Our minced Meat is tasty and juicy with the right combination of fats and fiber. Our version will be an Indian version of minced Meat with the traditional delicacy that can be served on any global platter.

    eco meat

    Eco Meat ™ Steak

    Cultivated Meat in a Steak form: A Tender and Flavorful treat that we always love to have with enhanced nutritional value and added fiber.


    Clear X9 Standard ™

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    Cell Growth Nutrient Medium- ClearX9™

    Traditionally cells are cultivated in the FBS nutrient media. The cell culture media provides all the essential nutrition to the growing cells.
    Our Culture Media Clear Clear X9 ™ is Non-FBS ( fetal bovine serum). Clear X9 ™ is a savior as 500 ml of our patented Clear X9 ™ saves one 9month old fetal calf. ClearX9 is the future and alternative to FBS (fetal bovine serum)
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    Our Nutrient media is a patented product called Clear X9 ™. It is a magic spell. It helps in growing bodyspecific chicken cells as well / It can grow required cuts/parts of a chicken
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